At Bethel Ridge we believe in a holistic approach to therapy, addressing our client's needs on three levels, their mind, their body, and their spirit.  We realize that people are complex beings with multifaceted issues, and cannot, therefore, be treated using simple methods or solutions. Our therapists work with our clients to develop a comprehensive, personalized treatment plan that is relevant, realistic, and flexible. In addition, we help our clients create and maintain a healthy support system that will facilitate the healing process long after therapy has ended.


For individuals or couples who are in crisis, Bethel Ridge offers a unique and effective alternative to traditional, once a week therapy. Situated in the picturesque Nile Valley, less than an hour's drive from Yakima, Bethel Ridge Retreat is a place where clients can get intensive, solution-focused counseling in a private and peaceful setting. Here, clients receive up to six hours of therapy a day and participate in activities that foster both physical and emotional growth.  Furthermore, with our Deluxe Accommodations (hot tubs, Jacuzzis, fireplaces, etc.) clients can escape from the stress and pressures of everyday life and re-energize.


At Bethel Ridge Family Resources our client's privacy is our top priority.  All records and personal data are kept in a locked, fire-resistant cabinet, and our office is locked and protected with an alarm system when no personnel is on the premises.  in addition, Washington State law prohibits us from releasing any client information to third parties without our client's wirtten and signed consent.  For more details and exceptions see Washington State Department of Health publication “Counseling or Hypnotherapy Clients”Confidentiality Statement.


It is the policy of Bethel Ridge Family Resources to follow up with our clients a few months after therapeutic services have ended.

We do this for two reasons:


1. To ensure that the treatments plan our therapist and client implemented is still working effectively.


2. To find out if our client needs any additional support, such as a referral to a physician or supplemental care of some



We usually contact our clients via the telephone, but we can use e-mail if requested.  In the case of clients who participate in intensive, weekend counseling at our retreat, follow-ups will be conducted on a weekly basis by way of therapy sessions at our Lake Aspen Park office located in

Yakima, Washington


Individuals, couples, and families come to Bethel Ridge Family Resources to build strong relationships as well as work through difficult life circumstances. Our guests often bring a complex mix of many problems to deal with, and goals to work toward.

Some typical reasons people have chosen counseling at Bethel Ridge Family Resources include the following:


• Marriage and family enrichment

• Marital disharmony, strife

• Role conflicts

• Blending families / Step-parenting

• Single parenting

• Parenting after divorce

• Problem solving differences

• Difficulty with adolescents

• Communication breakdowns

• Financial issues

• Depression or anxiety

• Conflict resolution / Anger management

• Grief / Loss

• Moral failures: affairs, dishonesty, pornography

• Parenting / Child discipline problems

• Divorce recovery and self-worth issues

• Adult sexual dysfunction

• Career disillusionment and clarification

• Physical, sexual, and emotional abuse as a child

• Forced termination of employment

• Time management concerns

• Imbalance between work and personal needs

• Spiritual dryness

Additionally, we work with Christian leaders who are struggling with issues related to ministry, their personal life, or a combination of the two.