In 1962, Gregg Hires joined his father's ministry working with troubled teens at the Flying H Youth Ranch. Over the next 33 years, he served as a clinical social worker, family counselor, clinical director, and administrator.  Gregg also founded Hope Counseling, a non-profit counseling practice in Yakima, Washington. While working with families in crisis, God revealed a desperate need for extended periods of focused counseling, where clients could be removed from the distractions of everyday life. Gregg, and his wife Glenna, responded to God's call by creating Bethel Ridge Family Resources, a non-profit, faith-based organization designed to offer clients both a traditional, office setting as well as a retreat center where clients in crisis could receive intensive, structured therapy in a peaceful and remote setting.


As we developed facilities, business plans, and the necessary tools to serve families at Bethel Ridge we relied heavily on the provision of God.  He has confirmed the calling of Gregg and Glenna and the Board in numerous ways. For example, God has blessed us with a tireless group of volunteers who assist with tasks ranging from hospitality and facility maintenance projects to administrative duties such as web design and financial management.  In addition,


Bethel Ridge has received numerous financial donations over the years from supporters, churches, and clients. These funds have enabled us to provide a variety of services to people who would have otherwise been unable to afford assistance.  We are constantly amazed by the success stories of people whose lives have been transformed through the ministry of Bethel Ridge Family Resources.



Our vision at Bethel Ridge Family Resources is to be able to partner with churches, agencies, schools, businesses, and other organizations in the Yakima Valley to foster positive growth in the lives of couples, families, and individuals.  We desire to be preventative, not just reactive.  We hope to transform our community one relationship at a time.


As a faith-based, not-for-profit organization our mission is to promote lasting, positive change in the lives of our clients by providing them with affordable, professional counseling, meaningful and life-changing therapeutic experiences, practical educational programs, and connecting them to local support systems in their community.


To equip couples, families, and individuals with the tools they need to build and maintain healthy families and relationships.

THE GOALS of Bethel Ridge Family Resources are:

• To provide couples, families, and individuals with the tools they need to thrive in an ever-changing, increasingly stressful


• To develop passionate and dedicated leaders in today's families, workplaces, and communities.

• To be able to offer our services to anyone regardless of race, religion, gender, or socioeconomic status


We believe:


There is One God, Creator and Sustainer of all things, who exists in three persons -  Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. The Bible is the inspired revelation of God and final authority for living out our faith. Jesus is Deity and humanity. He lived a sinless life and He performed miracles. His atoning death and His bodily resurrection provide the only ground for justification, forgiveness, and salvation. The ongoing work of the Holy Spirit is convicting, empowering, comforting, and guiding believers; each individual is unique and of invaluable worth based entirely on God's love and grace.